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Valentine’;s Day comes around every single year and usually I wait until the very last second to hurry and make a quick card…;..or grab one at the store while grabbing some groceries.? I always have plans to be on top of it and make something a little more clever and funny…;.but when the day rolls around, I haven’;t planned enough.? So this year, I started gathering ideas…;.so that even if it’;s last minutechristmas gifts for dad, I will have some favorite ideas ready to go! Because, I’;ll admit, the love language between my husband and I is a little on the humorous side. :)

So if any of you want in on the fun…;.and would like some clever ideas you can share with your Valentine this year, here you go! :)

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Your Side/My Side Bed Card via Etsy

Lettuce Grow Old Together via The Kitchn

Look At My Phone Card via Paper Source

Mushy Stuff via Etsy

You’;re Just Like Bacon via a Etsy

Let’;s Take Things Slow via Meta Picture

Misleading Valentine’;s Messages via Inspiring Pretty

I’;d Shave My Legs via Etsy

Crazy Cat Lady via Etsy

My Side. Your Side. via Etsy

Rhyming Is Hard via The Meta Picture

You Had Me At…; via Etsy

Vitamin Me via Degree Search

You Me via Goodness

I Think Of You Periodically via Etsy

Don’;t Go Bacon My Heart via Paper Source

. . . . .

Looking for more Valentine’;s Day inspiration?

Check out a few of these other fun ideas…;

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