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With warm days approaching, I’ve been searching for a cute swimsuit cover up to wear (because once our community pool opens, I have a feeling we are going to be there everyday this summer). I love to browse for ideas, and I fell in love with a few of their caftan style cover-ups. So, I decided to make my own, tassels and all, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s super easy!

The tassels took me a few hours. I turned on a movie and had them all done by the end. If you’re like mechristmas gifts for dad, a few hours watching your favorite movie (or binge watching Netflix) and working with your hands is very therapeutic. So it didn’t feel too tedious tying all those tassels!

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Let’;s begin!

Next cut another ?”; long slit about 1 ?- 2″; away on each side of the center slit. (If you’re using a gauze fabric, err on the shorter side, this fabric tends to stretch quite a lot).

Cut out the shape of your desired neckline for the front and back. I just eyeballed it based off of the slits I cut. Make sure not to cut too low for the back neckline, it should be higher than the front neckline. Try it on and adjust as needed.

When finished, the edges of your caftan should look like this:

Sew directly along the first crease in your bias tape closest to the edge of your fabric, all the way around.

When you finish, it will look like this, (note how the two end pieces overlap):

Flip your bias binding over to the wrong side of the neckline and iron so the bias tape isn’;t showing on the right side. Pin in place.

Using your Edgestitch foot #10/#10C/#10D again, stitch 1/8″; away from bias tape edge to finish.

Now your caftan is done. At this point you can add embellishments around the edges (ex: pom poms, pre-made tassels, etc.). If you would like to add handmade tassels like I did, read on:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I made 56 tassels in multiple colors. (To figure out how many embroidery floss colors you need, keep in mind that each embroidery floss package makes 4 tassels, I used). I measured along the side seams, back of the armhole, and along the hemline adding up to 164″;. I divided 164″; by 56 tassels to figure out my tassel placement, equaling 3″; apart.

I pinned my tassels in place, but you could also just measure 3″; (or whatever your measurement is), after you hand tack each tassel to the wrong side of your caftan. Whichever you prefer! Using a needle and matching thread to the fabric, hand tack each tassel from the edge of the back of the sleeve, all around down the front of the sleeve, and down the sides and across the hem edges of the caftan.

And you’re done! To the beach! Happy Memorial weekend everyone, hope yours involves your cute caftan and lots of sunshine!

As the world gets smaller and our ideas get bigger many of us now opt to import our furniture, home ware and crafts from Scandinavia, East Asia and elsewhere. On our own doorsteps however lies a beautiful, versatile and timeless material ideal for most domestic requirements. Seen in England, Europe and North America the deciduous beech tree has many uses including firewood, smoking cheese, making beer and furniture.

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