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Today we take a look at white living rooms. One of the positive aspects of using white in a living room is that it can be used for all styles of homes – traditional, modern and contemporary. We can be inspired by other countries, including Scandinavia and France. A typical French bourgeois home with include lots of soft whites as well as ivorychristmas gifts for dad, while Scandinavia homes are predominately white irrespective of their age. It has to be said that a white living room is not ideal for those with young children for obvious reasons!

However, if you have a separate living room and family room and are prepared to make your living room out of bounds for children's muddy feet, crayons and any form of drink or food, then by all means go for white! Rather than brilliant white you can opt for white with hints of cream and ivory, this will also help to take away the sterile and clinical look. Make your white living room ooze with chic styling by lavishing the room with comfortable sofas and chairs and allowing plenty of natural light to spill into the room.

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Add large comfortable cushions with different textures of fabric, those with an embossed pattern will look stunning when placed on a plain white sofa or chair. Cheap curtains in a sheer fabric will bring a gentle softness to your windows while keeping true to the colour scheme. Full length voile curtains always add a touch of opulence to large windows, along with the added benefit of privacy. Include oversized large rugs to help ground the colour and give balance to the room. The more luxurious the rugs the more impact they will have on the room.

To stay true to the colour scheme of white make sure your accessories are also white, from occasional tables with glass tops to lighting with a foggy coloured shade. All of these little aspects will bring the room together beautifully and the more unusual and interesting you make your accessories the greater presence they will have in the room. Subtle touches of pale grey will break the sterility of the room and help the eye to move around the room freely. If you take a look at any white living room designs you'll notice that there is always a slight variation in white hues or one coloured accessory to make the room interesting rather than bland and lifeless.

I got an email from one of you readers, who wanted me to make a shirt with a pig puffy flower on it.? (Yep, I’m talking about you Rebekah….ha!)? I loved it.? And told her I’d add it to my list of projects to try.

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Here’s an?Easy DIY Nativity Set with FREE Printable.Our lovely intern Tania illustrated this adorable nativity set for us all to print and enjoy with our families! I simply printed it out on Ink-Jet compatible fabric and let the kids go wild with fabric markers and glitter paint. This is a fun craft project for the whole family that can be completed in just a few hours. If you are feeling extra fancy, you can make a cardboard box manger like we did here!Read on for the free nativity printable download and the details in how to make your own Nativity Set.