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Creating a stunning dining room is easy with you include lots of different materials, fabrics and reflective surfaces. As we've seen throughout this week's post in order for all white rooms to be successful you have to have an eye for detail and look beyond the colour itself to create rooms which are packed with style and plenty of different textures to prevent the room looking flat and lifeless.

White dining rooms have an air of sophistication about themchristmas gifts for dad, offering an opulent look which can be used in all styles of homes. Once again we can look towards our neighbours across the channel for glamorous dining rooms or we can focus our attentions on the latest contemporary interiors to be inspired. Reflective surfaces play a large part in white dining rooms.

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You don't have to have a contemporary ceiling fixture as you can use paint with a soft sheen finish to help reflect light downwards and over the surface of the table. A glass topped table will provide a modern look especially if you have modern styled chairs with white leather seating. You'll also need to keep your window dressing white, whether this be white blinds or cheap curtains – which ever suits the style of your home will look equally as stunning. Don't forget to look under the table!

Typical we place large rugs under our dining room tables to add comfort for our feet as well as style. If you're feeling adventurous a mirrored floor section will bring your dining room bang up to-date with panache and flair! A great way to transform your dining room white is to use cover-slips for your chairs. Ask for free fabric samples so that you can make sure your chosen white fabric blends with the hue and shade of white in the rest of the room.

Although table cloths per say are a little out-dated a central table runner made from the same fabric as the chair covers will unite the table and chairs to create a sense of harmony and balance in the room. Experiment and have fun looking for white accessories. You'll be able to adapt your existing dining room simply by painting furniture white and using white fabrics to re-upholster or alter your furnishings for a cost-effective way to bring a fresh new look to your dining room on a small budget.


To me, January represents a clean slate. After the color and chaos of the holidays, I like to restore my home to a more neutral and calming state. It’s been a blanket of white outside for days and now inside as well. For the most part, the main level of our home is neutral in color. It provides a beautiful backdrop to any hint of holiday and seasonal decor I add in through the year. It easily transitions. In January, I don’t have a lot of added decor, just a few paper whites and succulents to brighten the space and add a beautiful fragrance. Our home feels so fresh, clean and almost new again. By February, I’ll be adding in touches of red and pink, but for now, I’ll relax and enjoy this new beginning with winter white January decor.

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