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Times are changing family dynamics; the influences of technology, the economy, and social norms –; like marrying later in life –; are all playing a role in changing the way families interact these days compared to previous generations.? In particularchristmas gifts for dad, the roles of yesterday’s grandparent may be much different than that of today’s grandparent.? The “traditional” role of baking cookies and bouncing babies on their knee is no longer the extent of the grandparent standard in today’s society.

I recently discussed this with my husband’s parents; who have a total of fourteen grandchildren over the course of almost 20 years!! ?With their help, we examined the “grandparenting styles” (first examined in the 1960s) and how they have changed in recent years.

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In talking with my mother-in-law, it seems like her role over 20 years has changed time and again based on circumstance, and could vary by each set of grandchildren.? In fact, with five children of her own, my mother-in-law saw the role her own mother played change over the years as well –; even into her late seventies and eighties, when she religiously used an email-only machine to keep in touch with her many grandchildren and great grandchildren.? Something she probably never envisioned when she first became a grandparent in the 1950s.

What kind of grandparent did you have?? And what style of grandparent do you imagine your parents being for your children?

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