christmas gifts for dad Just Say “NO!” to Canned Air decorative pillow shams

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Who knew lint could be so frightening! Here’;s a note from Lisa Alley, BERNINA Certified Technician for Sew Original in Winston-Salem, NC.

Use your lint brush or another soft, good quality brush to clean lint from the bobbin area of your machine. NEVER use compressed or canned air! Canned airchristmas gifts for dad, although it may clean the bobbin area where you can see well, blows all the lint into the unseen areas of your machine. This lint can cause many costly problems for you. It can impede your feed dogs, bind your machine, soak up all the oil, cause problems with your circuit boards, and more! I recently saw a machine that had lint blown all the way to the hand wheel. The owner thought she had kept her machine in tip-top shape because the bobbin area was spotless. But, when the machine’;s cover was removed, this is what was revealed.

accent pillow case baby burlap floor

And this is just part of the pile of lint that was pulled out.

Sew, be sure to take care of your machine and…;. No canned air!

For more info and photos, visit Lisa’;s blog, Bear Hugs All Around:

You’ve seen a few rooms of our little lake cottage here on the blog and glimpses of others on Instagram, but given the amount of time we spend there, I felt #calmwatercottage deserved a tour of it’s own.

When we’re decorating a space, whether it’s in a catalog or for our own home, some things just work. Symmetry is one of those things. A symmetrical arrangement of furniture or art just works, always, which is why we’re constantly using pairs to turn so-so spaces into gorgeous rooms your family can enjoy. Today, we thought we would elaborate on our love for pairs and why you need them in your home.

This DIY Homemade No.2 Poo Spray is like store-bought PooPourri Toilet Spray, but customizable. Made with essential oils, glycerine and a couple of other household ingredients it’s really easy to make. Add this free printable label with simple instructions as to how to use it and you’re set! Speaking of free printables, you may also like this printable bathroom wall art if you’re looking to add inexpensive decor.