christmas gifts for dad No Welding Needed! A DIY Copper Shower Curtain Rod pillow covers farmhouse

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step 1 –; Cut your copper pipes to size. I used 1 long section (54″;) and 2 short sections (18″;). When you measure your pipes, be sure to keep in mind the extra length that the copper elbows and nipple fittings will add.

step 2 –; Connect fittings with super glue. Only secure the copper pieces *not the floor flange. Line the inside of the copper elbows and nipple fittings with gluechristmas gifts for dad, then assemble the two shorter vertical hanging bars (see second image below).

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step 3 –; Wait. Let the glue dry for a full 48 hours.

step 4 –; Secure to ceiling. Using screws, attach the floor flanges to the ceiling. Then screw the shorter vertical hanging copper pipes into the floor flanges –; but not ALL the way.

step 5 –; Hang the rod. The vertical hanging bars will still have a little bit of give, so you should be able to slide in the long horizontal bar into the copper elbows.

Stand back and admire your new custom curtain rod!

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