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It is sometimes?so hard to create a piece of art for a boyfriend, husband or male relative. ?Trying to find just the right colors, the right themes to create around. CCB crew member Marie Johansson found just the right harmony of colors and supplies to create a rustic anniversary card for a special male relative. The results are amazing. Follow along with Marie below and get inspired to make one of your own rustic cards for that special male in your life. Quick Valentine’;s Day is coming.

7gypsies is?a really versatile brand. The papers work for many different type of projectschristmas gifts for dad, it is your imagination that is the limit. For this card I have used patterned papers from the American Vintage and Wanderlust Collections. The card has a rustic yet romantic feel to it, and was given to a male relative for a anniversary.

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I have layered pieces from the backside of the Pack your Bags paper (Wanderlust Collection). As you can see I have distressed the edges and torn a piece of the paper so that the underlying decorations show. The patterned paper that for the front base of the card is the State Plates paper from American Vintage. Both papers have colors that fit well together; browns, oranges, blues, reds and greens. As you can see they work really well with the decorations in copper, yellow and green.

Products Marie?used from Canvas Corp Brands

7gypsies American Vintage “;State Plates”; 12×;12 paper

7gypsies Wanderlust “;Pack your Bags”; 12×;12 paper

Thickstock “;Blue Bliss”;

Tattered Angels Baseboard Mist “;Wave”;

Tattered Angel Baseboard Mist “;Vine”;

Visit the links for additional color choices to add to your color palette.

Happy Creating!!!!

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