christmas gifts for dad The Importance of Bespoke Interior Design in Your Bathroom pillow covers floral

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Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house, so why shouldn’t you have exactly what you want? Having your bathroom designed from the ground upwards will provide many benefits over buying pre-made fixtures.

Standard, pre-made sizes may not allow you to use the space you have in the most efficient manner. This usually means one thing…;compromise.

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We believe that compromises shouldn’t be made with a room you will have to live in. Bespoke means that your space will be fully utilised and everything will be exactly as you want it!

Bespoke ensures that any feature you desire can be added to your bathroom. Whether it’s His and Hers taps or extra storage for toiletrieschristmas gifts for dad, a custom bathroom will be tailored to your specific needs. This means no clutter on show, making your room look cleaner and bigger! You will be able to sit down with your contractor and they will use your inspiration along with their own experience to create something that fits into your life perfectly.

This could mean it’s designed to be easily maintained, it could mean waterproof speakers to make those long relaxing soaks even more relaxing. The level of customisation that will be available to you is endless!

By creating something from scratch, you will end up with a room which truly is unique. Not only does this eliminate the chance of one of your friends declaring “I have the same tiles!” as you proudly show them your newly decorated room; but also, you have the satisfaction of knowing that nobody will have a bathroom quite like yours.

?This piece was written by Mark Enright, is a writer for retailer and fitter of superior quality bathroom tiles.

As the world gets smaller and our ideas get bigger many of us now opt to import our furniture, home ware and crafts from Scandinavia, East Asia and elsewhere. On our own doorsteps however lies a beautiful, versatile and timeless material ideal for most domestic requirements. Seen in England, Europe and North America the deciduous beech tree has many uses including firewood, smoking cheese, making beer and furniture.

Rag quilting is fun, easy, and inexpensive, and the results are absolutely gorgeous. For years rag quilts were my go-to handmade baby gift. For me, one of the best parts about rag quilting is how little you actually have to plan. It’s more like soup, where if you know all the basics, you adjust your project to taste. This tutorial will show you HOW to make a rag quilt, not a specific quilt or pattern. The design and creativity are up to you!