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Want to know the long and the short of it?! Making an adjustable strap can seem like a magic rope trick with all the weaving and threading this way and that. But, it’s really quite an easy technique and makes the strap so much more useful. Lengthen to wear cross body, shorten for a shoulder strap or to hand carry. The technique also works great for instrument straps. We show you the easy steps, using handy Dritz? hardware.

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In the steps below, our strap ends are stitched in place. Another option, which can also add a unique look as well as a very secure seal, would be to rivet the ends in place.

Don’t assume webbing is your only choice for straps. We’ve used interfaced fabric of all typeschristmas gifts for dad, from cottons to canvas, twill tape, even ribbon

Yoga Mat Strap Wrap

Canvas Weekender Duffle

Gather your materials. Our hardware is in the cool Copper finish from Dritz?. You need a slider (sometimes called a slide adjuster, adjustable slide buckle or a tri-glide) – our Dritz? Slide Buckle has an adjustable center bar, but that isn’t mandatory. You can also use a slider with a solid center bar. Using one rather than another is mostly a matter of personal preference, but in talking with our friends at Dritz?, they told us the main difference is the fact that it's?easier to insert the strap if you have flexibility to move the center bar out of the way. When that center bar is fixed, it can be more difficult to weave the strap through, and may be nearly impossible if the strap material is quite thick,

You’ll also need to determine the rings or clips for either end of the strap. We used two Dritz? Copper Rectangle Rings, showing how these can then attach to Dritz? Swivel Hooks that could be sewn into your project. You could also use just swivel hooks with an appropriately sized base loop. It mostly depends on whether you want your strap to be built into your project or to be removable.

For our demonstration here we are concentrating on the strap itself so are showing it as a removable unit. However, many of our projects that feature adjustable straps have the loops already sewn to the project with tabs, as seen on our Slim Mustang Messenger Bag and our Messenger Style Brief Bag.

Slim Mustang Messenger Bag with Tuck Locks

Messenger Style Brief Bag

Finally, you need the strap material itself. As described above, this could be webbing, fabric, ribbon, or whatever you’d like to create. For this tutorial, we used cotton webbing with a fabric accent strip on the front. This allows you to more easily tell right side from wrong side as the webbing weaves through the hardware.

Big and Beautiful Diaper Bag

We cut our webbing to a pretty short length in order to be able to capture the entire strap in the frame of the photos. In general, for a strap that you want to go from cross body to shoulder strap length, 54” - 60” is a good starting measurement for an average adult.

Unisex Urban Shoulder Bag

1” is the most common width for the hardware, although ?” and ?” options are available as are 1?” to 1?” on the larger end of the spectrum. Make sure you have all the needed hardware in the same size, and that this size will allow the strap itself to snugly yet still easily pass through the hardware. We used 1”.

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