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Hi, I’m Cherry Guidry of Cherry Blossoms. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and all the pink, red, and sweets, I was inspired to create this easy table runner that would look great on a tablecustom gifts for dad, make a fantastic bed runner, or perhaps, use the appliquéd blocks individually to make a few quick pillows!

This runner is made with fusible appliqué, but the templates will work with your favorite appliqué technique.

personalized gifts for dad

Step 1 – Cut the fabric


Dark pink:


Step 2 – Prepare the appliqué shapes

Using the Be My Valentine templates, trace the appliqué shapes onto the paper side of the fusible; I like to use a fine tip marker and allow approximately ?”; between the traced shapes. Label each traced shape with its number and fabric color.

Cut the templates apart about ?”; away from the traced line and with fusible side down, fuse onto the wrong side of its corresponding fabric:

Heart #1: (2) dark pink, (2) light pink, (1) red

Heart #2: (2) dark pink, (3) white

Heart #3: (1) dark pink, (2) light pink

Cut the fused pieces on the traced line.

Fuse the shapes onto the center of the (5) 12 ?”; x 12 ?”; white background squares following the diagram below:

I sewed this project on a BERNINA 880 using the blanket stitch #1320 with a thread that matched each of the shapes and my favorite BERNINA Open embroidery foot #20D.

Step 4 – Sew the pieced-border

Make (2) side border units by alternating (2) dark pink and (2) white 2 ?”; x 4 ?”; pieced border rectangles. With the remaining dark pink and white 2 ?”; x 4 ?”; pieced border rectangles, sew (5) white/pink/white units and (5) pink/white/pink units.

Sew the units onto top and bottom edges of the appliqued blocks as follows:

Step 5 – Assemble the runner

Sew the blocks and side borders into a row:

Step 6 – Finishing

One of my favorite things in any project is the quilting phase and absolute love the new BERNINA Adjustable Ruler foot #72?that allows the use of longarm rulers on the BERNINA domestic machines; I also used the?BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR)?for a bit of evenly spaced free-motion quilting.

Layer the backing, batting, and quilt top, and quilt as desired. Bind with the (5) 2 ?”; red binding strips. Here is a helpful tutorial on how to bind a quilt using double fold binding.

Laying the blocks vertically would also make a great wall hanging!

I hope you have a sweet Valentine’s Day!

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I love allll the colors! So when it comes time to pick out seasonal or holiday wreaths, I’m almost always disappointed in the selection. That’s why I wound up making my DIY pom pom wreath recently. It is perfect for Fall and Winter and I’m 100% obsessed with it.

Bedrooms are considered the most personal and most private rooms in the entire house. It comes as no surprise then that bedrooms reflect the personality, preferences and passions of their main occupants, be it leaning toward a casual affair, a modern vibe, or an eclectic ambience, among other possibilities in designs. Remodelling bedrooms can be an expensive endeavour especially when old walls, floors and ceilings must be replaced with new materials.

My bedroom gets very chilly in the winter, so I decided to make myself a bedwarmer. It is easy to make (great for beginners), and only takes about a minute in the microwave to get warm. Leave it in your bed for five minutes, take it out, hop in, and enjoy a cozy and toasty night's sleep! A great bedtime bonus for kids and adults alike.