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I got the idea for this skirt while perusing one of my favorite children’;s clothing catalogs…; I saw it and thought “;hey I can make that for a lot less $!”;

First you need a pattern to work with.. It can be a skirt, a dress a pillowcase…; anything that you would like to “;be-ribbon”;.. The skirt I used here is one of my own creations, the Sydney skirt…; you can?click here?for the full tutorial on the skirt construction.

christmas gifts for dad

Once you have cut out your pattern lie your skirt front piece out flat on a table (keep the skirt back piece separate for now).

Pick out the ribbons you’;d like to adhere to your skirt (just a tipcustom gifts for dad, if you are nervous about making this, it’;s better to put the ribbon towards the bottom of the skirt the closer you get to the top, the harder it will be to line the ribbon up with your waistband)

I chose to do a Christmas theme and picked out red and green ribbons of various widths and patterns. I used 1 spool of each, I just bought the pre-packaged ribbon at the craft store.

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