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Solution: make some yourself.

You’;ll need to first decide the exact dimensions of your new curtains.

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Measure around your window and decide how much longer you’;d like your curtains to hang and how wide. Add 12-24 inches or so to the width (depending on how wide your window is) if you like them to ripple a little bit as they hang, and not hang straight across. Also, add a seam allowance to all of the sides before cutting, to make sure you don’;t end up with smaller curtains than you wanted.

Then decide what colors you’;d like to add to a room. You might want to coordinate with a couchcustom gifts for dad, some throw pillows, or in my case, some place mats for my dining room table.

If you want to make stripes of color, make a diagram on paper first of your curtains. Write down the dimensions and then the divide your curtains into different sections and decide the dimensions of each stripe and the color. Add 5/8 inch around all of the edges and start cutting. Sew each strip together first and then after assembling the whole curtain, trim the edges to make them even. Then iron all of your seams open and then turn under each seam edge once and sew a seam. (This just makes it look finished and sharp.)

Finally, hem around all of the edges and iron again.

To make the loops:Cut strips of fabric that are 4×;10 inches. Fold the strips in half, lengthwise, and sew a 5/8 inch seam. Turn the strip right-side out and iron. Do this to all of your strips. (Decide how many you’;d like and how many you need to keep your curtains hanging up securely. I attached mine about 12 inches or so apart.) Then turn one end under about a 1/2 inch and attach to the front of the curtain, about 1/2-3/4 inch down. Then fold the other end under about 1/2 inch and attach to the back of the curtain, exactly opposite of the first end. Then make another seam close to the top edge, sewing together both sides of the loop and the curtain itself. This will keep the loop in place and will help the curtain to hang straight.

Hang your curtains…;…;…;…;.and you’;re all done.

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