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We will be back with another fun giveaway later today but in the meantime, here is a fun and easy granny square stocking. My dad had a few of these in his place when I was growing up, probably made? by his mom back in the 60’;s based on color selection. I marveled at how they were made even when I was little, I was even a craft loving tot.

Check it out…;

personalized gifts for dad

What you need:

A crochet hook –; I used a I/9 but any will do really.A selection of 1-4 yarn colorsA tapestry needle &; scissors

What you do:

1. Crochet 7 granny squares with 5 rows each.Tip: you can vary the colors or order of colors but I’;ve found that doing the same exact combo looks best. You definitely want your 5th row to be consistent.

2. Whipstitch three granny squares together in a row for the front “;leg”; of your stocking. Repeat with three more squares for the back of your stocking.

3. Fold last square diagonally to make toe. Whipstitch to front “;leg”; as shown. Repeat for back. Ignore pine needles in photo.

4. Whipstitch up front of leg and along bottom of “;foot”; and up back of leg.

5. Add 2 rows around top of stocking using an accent color. (A set of 3 double crochets in each space with a chain stitch in-between.) You could get creative and add a ruffle or a cuff here.

6. Chain stitch a stringcustom gifts for dad, long enough to: tie a loop, thread through the stocking and hang down the front (or tie in a bow, it’;s up to you.)

7. tie off a 1 inch loop in the exact center of your chain. Thread through top, back of stocking. Tie strands in a double knot on the inside. Thread through holes of trim until the two strands meet in the front. Let them hang down or tie them in a bow.

8. I added some wonky pom poms at the end. I made them by wrapping yarn around a piece of 2″; carboard 50 times, carefully sliding the yarn off, tying a piece of yarn TIGHTLY around the center and cutting all the loops. Then I tied the tail of the chain string to the tail of the pom pom string.

9. Now, if you are my dad, fill the stocking with oranges and Altoids because you know exactly how to thrill the kiddies on Christmas morning. Just kidding, love ya dad!

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