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Bold geometric prints are everywhere, from fashion runways to interior design. Yet as hot as they are right now, these graphic patterns have been a decorating favorite for decades. Striking and versatile, they look right at home in any space – from refined traditional to brash contemporary and everything in between. If you’re ready to integrate the shapely look of hexagons, diamonds, quatrefoils, and more into your décorcustom gifts for dad, see if some of our favorite techniques will inspire you.

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A little bit of these attention-getting designs can make a big impact. Add some vibrant lattice-print throw pillows to your sofa, set out a chevron-covered ottoman, or put some boldly patterned vases or candlesticks on display. Continue the trend outside with a harlequin welcome mat, a showy striped umbrella, or some garden planters in a punchy mod print. You’ll get to have a little fun experimenting without having to make a big commitment.

Lighting provides another great opportunity to incorporate geometric elements in a way that’s distinctive but not overwhelming. Change out a plain-white lampshade for one in an edgy print. Get dimensional with a chandelier shaped like a star, a trapezoid, or a honeycomb. Or keep things classical with lamps and ceiling fixtures featuring a Greek key motif. Bright little details like these will fill your home with character and light.

One of the most eye-catching places to use geometric prints is on your walls. Make a dramatic statement by wallpapering an entryway, powder room, or behind the sofa with a show-stopping graphic design. Looking for a little more flexibility? Display some geometric artwork – simple stripes, dots, and herringbones become an unexpected focal point when rendered in brilliant colors, interesting textures, or a large scale. Or use mirrors to create a dazzling effect. Find one in an unusual shape like an octagon or one that has been overlaid with circles or grids; group multiple square mirrors together to create your own unique pattern.

If there’s a geometric pattern you absolutely love, why not showcase it in a big way? Cover the largest piece of furniture in the room in your favorite bold print for major impact – a sofa upholstered in a fresh trellis fabric, a bed dressed in an elegant quatrefoil duvet, dining chairs slipcovered in a Moroccan-inspired arabesque. Or use the same pattern throughout your space on multiple pieces and in varying colorways. Even large-scale wooden furniture can incorporate geometrics. A classic X-motif elevates simple bookcases and tables into conversation pieces, and painting a dresser or credenza in a repeating linear pattern can take it from bland to breathtaking.

Geometric patterns have a lot of visual weight, which makes them ideal for area rugs. Put your showiest graphic print on a rug, and it instantly anchors your whole design. Use it to tie together your room’s color palette, to bring in some texture, or to offset smaller, more organic patterns. Choose soft tonal variation or neutral shades for a more subtle effect and vibrant or contrasting colors for more punch. Let the rug command attention against solid furniture and accessories, or balance it with complementing prints used throughout the room. No matter which direction you choose, geometric rugs are a great solution to just about any decorating equation.

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