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We recently threw an Anniversary party for the office wheremy husband works. We were expecting a lot of people and wanted to have party decorations but knew that we needed to keep it simple. I also needed to figure out what would fit within our budget and what I could get done in the time I had before the party.

I hadthe idea to make a marquee sign ofthe number 35 (the anniversary the party was for), so I went off to my local craft stores to find giant paper mache numbers. When I got thereI realized there is no such thing. No one makes large paper mache numbers–; letters yes, but numbers no. (hint hint –; craft companies, start making numbers).

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After researching online I realized I had one of two options, build my own paper mache letters out of cardboard or think of a new plan. After deciding I didn’;t have the patience to build numbers I came up with a plan B. I was not originallygoing to writea tutorial for this sign (because there are already so many online), but then after I started making it I realized that it was different from other signs I had researched online and thought that someone else might like to make a similar sign.

I think that this kind of sign would be really perfectfor a birthday party (I mean how cute would this be with a giant 16?!?) or graduationcustom gifts for dad, or anniversary party. It would even be fun for a holiday (think 31 for Halloween or 25 for Christmas). It’;s too bad I don’;t have another use for a #35 in my life…; because I really like how it turned out.

I ended up purchasing my supplies at Hobby Lobby, Lowes, &; Amazon (affiliate links included) –; but just know this is not a sponsored post, I’;m just heading off some inevitable “;where did you get that”; questions.

-A large black frame

-A piece of masonite cut to the same size as your frame opening (your home improvement store will cut it to size for you)

–;18″; Wood Numbers

–;25ct. Clear G40 Globe String Lights

–;Gold Metallic Spray Paint

-White paint

-Spade drill bit (mine was 3/4″; but wait to buy one until you read the entire tutorial)

–;Gorilla Glue

Spray paint your letters gold. Paint one side of the masonite board with white paint. I used leftover paint from a room we painted earlier.

Using gorilla glue, glue the letters to the masonite. Make sure they are in the right place you can’;t move them later. Let the glue set up.

Remove all of the bulbs from your globe light string. Put in a safe place, they are fragile.

Mark the numbers at even intervals to drill holes for the lights. In our case, the holes were 2 1/2″; apart on center. Double-check that your marks are centered and all look evenly spaced.

I measured the diameter of the plastic part of our light socketand saw that it was 3/4″; so I bought a 3/4″; drill bit…;. well let me tell you, it was not 3/4″;…; it was more like 7/8″;. I had not taken into account the “;flare”; at the end of the light. Of course, I didn’;t find this out until AFTER I drilled my holes. So when I went to string the lights in they would not go through the hole as the wood and the plastic are obviously not bendable. So to fix this, I used some heavy-duty scissors and trimmed off the “;flare”; from the light socket so that it would fit.

If you do this, double check your measurement and buy the correct size drill bit. All light brands are a bit different from each other, so check yours. Or you can trim off the “;flare”; as I did, just be careful and obviously don’;t do it when the lights are plugged in!!

After your sure that the light socket will fit in the hole you drilled, begin feeding the light strandsin one at a time from the back in order.

This is what the back of your sign will start to look like. I used some painters tape to keep the cords from tangling. Next place the masonite in the frame and secure. I just used tape and it held fine, but attach as you like. After all of the light sockets are fed through (my number took 2 strands of lights), you can start screwing the light bulbs back in the sockets.

That’;s it! Just be really careful with the sign now, you don’;t want to break a light bulb.

Here’;s a side shot so that you can see how the sign looks when it’;s all laid out.

Now I want one for Halloween, who’;s going to make it for me???

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