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It’;s easy to decorate when you use what you have. I created this Quick Easy Halloween Glam Sconce in about 15 minutes!

A bit ago, I was asked by to create something for their Decorating Answers section of their site. They wanted me to make over something second hand. ?Well…;…;..that is my Craft Love Language! After looking through my craft room closet where I keep all my trash that’;s waiting to become treasures, my eye fixed on this little sconce.

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After looking through my craft room closet where I keep all my trash that’;s waiting to become treasurescustom gifts for dad, my eye fixed on this little sconce. ?I picked this up at a yard sale a while ago. I hadn’;t planned on keeping it gold…;…;.even though gold is coming back…;…;. Which…;…;can I just say, I’;m not ready for the gold. I’;m still on silvers.

While looking this over, I thought it would be cute with one of the cute little gourds sitting on top. And then it hit me! Why not make it more for Halloween…;…;..with glitter.

This was one of the quickest makeovers ever!

Supplies Needed:

Because my item was small, I was able to paint all my dots on at once, then sprinkle the glitter over all of it at once.

If you don’;t have a sconce, use any item you want to upcycle. Get creative! You can even use different colors.?

So easy! And so inexpensive to create Quick Easy Halloween Glam!

Playing around with colour when designing your home can be one of the fun parts! That being said, it can become a nightmare if you don't know how to approach the use of colour, the good news is that we can give you a push in the right direction! Above all of the rules of colour and its use within private spaces, is your personal taste. If you will be making a lot of changes then it can help to have a colour wheel at hand and perhaps some colour samples. It isn't uncommon for someone to spend literally hours looking through paint charts.

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