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Hello there and happy Tuesday! It’;s Riikka here to share another project with the “;Gypsy Moments”; collection! Or actually double project as I this time made two cards. Last time I made a simple layout with a modern touch and this time I made two romantic cards. It’;s wonderful how versatile this collection is and how you can manipulate it to fit your needs.

The basis of these cards is a 4″;x6″; File Folder cut in two. The height is that of the folder, but I cut it 10 cm (4″;) wide thus also getting rid of the round corners. On top of the File base I then layered piece of a smaller Folder and also tags. I made the bird one using stronger colors in the collection –; aged red, bottle green and touch of sapphire blue. The butterfly one is made with more pastel colors –; old paper beige and pearly grey. Both of the cards have touches of stamping in them and also flicks of baby pink mist.

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On top of the paper layers I then added the embellishments.?The fauna used as decorations is from the older “;Conservatory”; collection. I also added touches of metal in the cards using studs in both and a crown shaped charm in the bird one. The butterfly one has also a few crystals in it.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a sweet day!

Gypsy Moments –;?In every soul appears the heart of a Gypsy: we wander, we travel, we dance and we sing. And while we wander, travelcustom gifts for dad, dance and sing we experience moments— moments that make for memories that last a minute, a day, a month, a year… These moments are those that occur when everyone’s watching, and those that occur when no one’s watching. They’re those special little moments that present themselves in the uniqueness of our one-of-a-kind lives. A point in time that makes you blush, grin, smirk, tear, think, breath, dance, dream, wish, sigh, and helps you realize who you are. These moments are Gypsy Moments. Gypsy Moments are meant to be captured and remembered, no matter how loud, goofy, irresponsible, dramatic, euphoric, regretful or blissful they are. It’s that moment you cheat and get a scone with your “skinny” vanilla latte. It’s that moment where you have the perfect words to say exactly what you need to say. It’s that moment when lady luck is on your side. It’s a day where you keep tripping for no apparent reason. It’s a day filled with moments that make you want to laugh. It’s a day filled with moments that make you want to cry. These moments are so ‘Gypsy.’

For the knitting newbie, there is something magical about how those needles go flying through the string and somehow make amazing patterns which in turn create whole garments. It’s sheer genius! Knitting is not as hard as it looks and with a bit of practice, you could get just as good. And you won’t even be taking half the time to get it all done.


Source:Martha Stewart Living, June 2009